Sleepaway Camp 2

“Camp nurses….remember this is what happens when nose bleeds go untreated.”

Angela is back. This time she’s a camp counselor. Previously murdering a dozen teens, years of therapy, and a sex change operation apparently gave her/he an excellent resume for working with kids at Camp Rolling Hills. Pamela Springsteen (yes that’s Bruce Springsteen’s little sister) plays the happy psychopath who kills anyone that mildly irritates her moral sensibility. She’s like a menopausal June Cleaver with a hatchet. She also likes to plays guitar about as bad as she can act.

Angela wants everyone to have fun and follow her rules and if you don’t you get “sent home.” “Sent home” is murder slang for “viciously killed and getting propped up in a creepy shed like a redneck taxidermy display” Not Even Brian Clarke’s huge mullet hair can stop the carnage nor does it shield him from battery acid.

The body count is higher in this one compared to it’s prequel and it appears that everyone that has a line in this movie is killed off even people that wandered onto the set had to be killed, key grips…dead, caterers…dead..,writers, producers, sound editors…all killed. Eeesh even Jason paced himself with his kills. the film is by no means scary, you’d be advised to rent Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for more frights than this campy camp slasher. If you dare attempt to endure this movie you’ll never look at outhouses the same again.

Keep an eye out for…
– log beatings
– tongue chopping
– head drilling
– teen roasting
– battery acid to the face
– decapitation
– death by chainsaw
– death by Freddy glove
– death by guitar
– death by outhouse
– loosing your will to live from the happy camper song

“Ooooh, I’m a happy camper, I love the summer sun. I love the trees and forest, I’m always having fun! ” -Angela the happy killer

rated 2.9 out of 10 for the movie

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