muck award is pretty much the gold standard for cult and b-movie review sites and we here at Lost Highway view them as the “Master Po” to our “Grasshopper” of a website. So it was a huge honor when we received notice that Lost Highway has been selected as the winner of the Legion of Muck Award for the 3rd quarter of 2008 which awards out to excellence in b-movie websites.

*Holds trophy in hand* “I had a speech prepared…but I just..sniffle…I’d like to thank so many people…to Bruce Campbell for coining the term groovy and inspiring other amputees everywhere. To Snake Pliskin for not giving a rat’s ass about anybody but himself. To the film crew of Troll 2 who all suffered so much to bring their celluloid masterpiece to the world.  To the gymnastic trainer in Gymkata…you made Kurt Thomas the effiminate man he is today. And most of all to you, the fans….hey wait…the music is telling me to wrap it up..I have so many other people to thank! My wife who barely tolerates other bad movies yet love Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. To Mom and Dad, to my pal Eric over at Genesis hosting who has been gracious to host our crazy ramblings. To Drive-in Dan the all-star rookie here. To the guy on the street corner that sold me Porky’s Revenge for $1.50 when I was 12, to the top loader VCR, to the guy that made velcro and the inventors of Gogurt… because I have no time for spoons!”