Alien Trespass (preview rated PG)

Giant one eyed aliens, flying saucers and bad acting, Alien Trespass looks to be a great throwback to the 50’s alien invasion flick. Set in 1957 an alien crashes to earth bent on destroying all life on the planet (don’t they all?) Eric McCormack is a friendly alien who is trying to stop it. Reminds me a bit of Skeleton of Cadavera but we’ll see if it achieves that level of comedic parody genius.

Infestation (preview rated PG)

Remember the movie “Skeeter” about giant killer mosquitoes sucking out the brains of helpless rednecks. Well let this trailer jog that noggin’ of yours. This looks to be a rip roaring bug filled gooey soaked return to horrible mutant creature features of the 1950’s. Throw in a giant can of insect repellant and you got yourself a fun outdoor picnic.

Bitch Slap (preview rated R)

I could easily claim this movie as potentially the greatest movie ever to grace cinema but I will reserve my judgement until after seeing it. When you combine hot babes, big guns, fast cars and huge explosions you got a recipe for testerone greatness. This movie will set the woman’s movement back about 30 years and put guys in the dog house just for thinking about going to see it.

Black Dynamite (preview rated PG-13)

This parody of the classic 70’s blacksploitation film looks absolutely hilarious as Black Dynamite cleans up the ghetto while making time with the ladies. “Can you Dig it? I said CAN YOU DIG IT?” Yes we can.

Lesbian Vampire Killers (Preview rated PG-13)

The title says it all. However, are they lesbians who kill vampires or people that kill lesbian vampires? And does it really matter either way? I am jealous of the future me who has already seen this.