To kick-off the lineup of new T-shirts, Ben, owner of Fright Rags, and Lost Highway have joined forces in order to give three of our loyal supporters each an opportunity to win a free t-shirt of their choice, except the Vintage style shirts. To enter, all you have to do is come up with the best solution to a hypothetical scenario that Ben is faced with late one night.


After a hard day’s work at Fright Rags, Ben has just drifted off into a very sound REM sleep when all of a sudden he’s jolted awake by loud noises that sound like they’re coming from the storage area where the all the printed shirts are stored. Ben immediately springs out of bed, grabs a baseball bat, and cautiously goes to investigate the disturbance. As he makes his way toward the room, the strange sounds are getting even louder. When he reaches the storage area, an eerie blue light can be seen from underneath the door. Those unrecognizable noises now appear to be a series of growls and tortured groans, like something from a horror movie. Ben’s heart is really pounding now. He pauses for a few seconds to collect himself and then, after gathering up enough courage, he begins to slowly turn the door knob. Upon opening the door, Ben sees a truly shocking sight: all the characters from his printed T-shirts have somehow come to life. So, what do you think Ben should do?

Contest Rules and Information:

The best three entries will each receive a free T-Shirt of their choice, except the Vintage style shirts, courtesy of Fright Rags. Entries must be a minimum of 10 words, with a maximum of 250 words. The contest starts May 13, 2009 and ends at midnight on May 27, 2009. Selected winners will be contacted by e-mail on Monday, June 1. All entries must be comprehensible (understandable) and written in English. Please submit entries to this address: with “Contest” in the subject line. Be sure to include your name, e-mail address, and mailing address with your submission, to ensure that if your entry is selected, we will be able to contact you. If you don’t include this information, then your submission will immediately be disqualified. One entry per person. U.S. residents only. Thanks for entering the contest and good luck!

At a time when a lot of specialty T-shirt companies are cutting corners and charging you more money for an inferior product, you, as both a fan and consumer, can have total confidence in knowing that Fright Rags doesn’t do business that way. Ben has set the standard for quality and customer service regarding his products. He is always striving to push the envelope creatively with his designs and is actively seeking out new processes that will increase the quality of his horror apparel, which in the end benefits you, the fan. Fright Rags has created a much deserved reputation for giving fans what they want and have come to expect, and this time is no different. The latest line of shirts are his most technically impressive and ambitious so far. Previous designs were already very detailed and well crafted, but these new designs contain even more detailing, and the artwork is even larger this time around, which means you get to enjoy more of your favorite movie(s). Also, each shirt is still printed on Anvil 100% cotton shirts or Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirts. So, not only are you getting great looking piece of wearable art, but a high quality shirt made from the best materials that you’ll be able to enjoy for a very, very, long time. As a fan I’m really excited about this new series, which has
awesome designs from so many cool movies. Now, lets get to the new designs!

Please click on the shirt’s title to see the actual artwork.


As soon as I saw this design, I started to hear the movie’s main theme by Goblin playing in my head. All of the characters are nicely rendered and the color choices are just beautiful–truly a work of art. Jennifer is shown communicating telepathically with a group of insects, while Inga the chimpanzee is holding a scalpel, and waiting to attack the evil Fran Br├╝ckner. This design does a great job at incorporating many elements from the movie without being too busy. And like the Dario Argento film, this shirt is destined to become an instant classic among fans.


Now here is a shirt that fans of the 1987 movie can really bite into. It features evil vampire Severen sporting a very nasty sunburn, along with blood-sucking newbie, Caleb, who can be seen in the background staying out of the harmful sunlight. A simple, yet effective composition, along with crisp graphics and a bold blood red color bring these undead characters to life.


If you’re still upset over the disappointing and absolutely horrible “Creepshow 3”, you’re not alone. But hopefully “The Raft”, an awesome new “Creepshow 2” design, will help ease your pain. This shirt features eye-catching art done in a great comic book style and has vintage blue and yellow colors. An added bonus for fans is that the shirt has cool quotes from the movie.


This shirt is proof that you don’t always need vivid colors in order to create a design with visual impact. The monochromatic color scheme immediately makes me think of the black and white style of David Lynch’s film. Fans will surely recognize the character on the shirt as being Henry, and Mary X’s creepy mutant reptilian baby from the movie. The fluid line work and cool looking ink wash effect really give this shirt its unique personality. After seeing this surreal image you’ll be wondering whether it’s all a dream, or twisted reality.


Well, we probably won’t be seeing another Evil Dead sequel, but fans still have cause to celebrate because Ash is back this time as a T-shirt, fighting a tree gone
wild. And it won’t be long before he uses his trusty chainsaw to quickly turn this overgrown toothpick into pile of firewood. The artwork features contrasting
colors set against a dark background, along with an in-your-face text treatment that gives this shirt serious attitude. The expression on our unlikely hero’s face says it all: that he is ready to kick some more Deadite butt!


The urban legend with a meat hook for a hand and a belly full of bees has come to terrifying life once again in this visually stunning T-shirt. If the gritty textures and
strong colors haven’t already gotten your attention, then Candyman’s intense gaze will surely hook you. But whatever you do, don’t say his name
five times in front of a mirror while wearing this shirt, because you just might end up being his next victim.

A very big thank you goes out to Ben from Fright Rags, who generously provided the shirts for this contest! So make sure you stop by his site to see the new designs, as well as his selection of other truly awesome movie-themed shirts.