the warriors

“Now, here’s the sum total: One b-movie site could run this Internet! One blog. Nothing would get reviewed without us allowing it to happen. We could tax the producers, the distributors, because WE got the interwebs, suckers! Can you diiiiiigggggg iiiiiiitttt?”

Hear that wooshing sound? Yes it’s the sound of another year that’s gone flying by. We’ve been incredibly busy on the highway mostly picking up trash along the roadside with fellow convicts and scraping up road kill but hey it beats watching American Idol. Lost Highway has gotten quite the following and the numbers continue to grow. it still amazes us that anyone would actually read our snarky ramblings about b-movies and yet you keep coming back for more. Don’t you have pictures of funny cats to look at or videos of dogs on skateboards to watch?

Besides tremendous growth in readership, this thing they call “Twitter” and “Facebook” has really done wonders for us. I never thought I’d ever want to know what someone was eating at a very¬† particular moment in time but Twitter has shown me that I really do! If you haven’t given it a try hop on and give us a follow. I’m currently eating a handful of chocolate covered espresso beans..learn more! We also gave this thing called “Human interaction” a try getting out of the basement fortress of solitude. I gave a speech about b-movie survival tips at this big shindig called Ignite Lansing in September. It was very well received mostly due to the late hour and everyone was drunk but hey I won a coveted trophy. OK a drinking glass but it makes a sweet sound when you rub your finger on the rim.

We also put on our first Lost Movie Night on MSU campus featuring Return of the Living Dead. A pretty decent turn out for our first time out and the audience had a blast watching this great horror cult classic. There was a ton of giveaways and some great horror prizes thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, though I can see why theater’s make their money off concession stands. Lost Highway also joined the league of Tana Tea Drinkers which was a big honor for us. sorta like joining the justice league of america…I think we’re the Aquaman of the group.

We’re looking forward to what 2010 might bring. To let you know a few things that are in the pipeline, that elusive Lost Highway book we’ve been talking about doing forever will actually get kicked off. When it gets done that’s anybody’s guess but I’m sure it will take the publishing world by storm. Sorta reminds me of the book Sarah Palin wrote. We too are attractive middle aged, really don’t have anything thought provoking to say and look good in a mini-skirt. Also there’s plans to get started on our web show. The format is still a bit up in the air but expect “snarky” “akward” and “unprofessional” to be routinely used in describing it. Be sure to also look for for me, Retroman Steve in upcoming articles in Mad Scientist magazine. They’ve been putting together a fantastic publication together over there and I’m really thrilled to be contributing to it and getting. Drive-in Dan will be reopening Rosen’s Drive-in the spring after we complete our rennovations on the snackshop. During the summer we had the $1 pitchers of beer and the all you can eat double decker chili dogs deals that caused a bit of building damage from the riots, but we’ll be ready with our b-movie marathons and bringing you reviews of some of the best and worse that cinema has to offer. So again thank you for your support. Long live the highway.