After much blood, sweat, and tears with most of the emphasis on “blood” we’ve finally launched the new design for Lost Highway. No ribbon cutting ceremonies, no media event or talk show tours, just the knowledge that someone somewhere just opened a can of beer in our honor and for that we say thank ya.

This new website is bigger and bolder and dare we say more “webbier” than ever before with a brand new look. We hope that you’ll get hours of enjoyment from it ….mostly in clicking feveriously on banner ads or buying boxes full of swag from our store. If you do however find yourself hating the new design or having any other negative thoughts, then we suggest you burry those feelings deep deep inside. You don’t want us to make you wear the clown suits again.

Roadside attractions

– Larger new format easier for senior citizens to read, it’s pet friendly and it looks great on an iPad.

– New 3B’s rating system showing our complete disregard for accurate arithmetic.

– A new Highway Hotties section which features b-movie girls, scream queens and other ladies of horror. Start your letter writing now.

– Gratuitous advertising and links to buying crap…because someone has to pay for my new solid gold mercedez.

– The same great snarky reviews you come to expect from us but now with more Ginseng and Riboflavin.