Most of the time you go in watching a B or C movie knowing it’s not going to be the best movie you have ever seen.  Hopefully you can get through it and not want to gouge your eyeballs out.  One night my boyfriend and I decided to watch this movie on Netflix streaming and I was in a mood for a zombie movie. By the cover of the movie, it looked cheesy and I told him that I will give the movie 5 minutes and by that time I couldn’t get through it, we were going to watch something else.  Most zombie movies are more of the same.  You have fast zombies, slow zombies and stupid people who don’t know how to get away from zombies.  This movie about zombies was a little bit different and if I might add: charming and funny.  I obviously got through the 1st five minutes.

Hide and Creep is about a small southern town in Thornsby, Alabama attacked by zombies and a mysterious UFO.  The main cast is filled with funny, dumb and sarcastic characters that you can relate with “Shaun of the Dead”.  You have Chuck, the sarcastic and monologue-filled video store owner, Barbara, the lazy police station secretary, Keith, the redneck who owns the local hunting club, Lee, who found himself naked in a tree wondering what the hell happened, Ted, another redneck, Reverend Smith and Agent F, a government agent that  parachutes in to investigate reports of UFO sightings.
Hide and CreepThis movie is vey low budget (the zombie makeup is laughable) and the acting isn’t that great, but that is a part of the charm.  This movie is hilarious; the redneck jokes and sarcasm keep coming.  This movie is a gem.  I found myself entertained throughout the whole movie and wanted to watch it again.  This should be a cult classic!

Hide and Creep is directed by Chuck Hartsell and written and directed by Chance Shirley. This film was based on an earlier short called “Birthday Call”.

roadside attractions

  • Lesbian Zombies
  • Chuck’s Pepsi Monologue
  • A lot of dead bodies
  • Funny Dialogue
  • Guns!
  • Full frontal naked man (Hey! I’m a woman! I don’t get to see that very often in movies)





if you include zombies, then a 10



Check out the trailer for Hide and Creep