Donna Bleed

We are proud to announce Donna Bleed has joined Lost Highway offering up her snarky take on the best and worse of b-movie and cult films. We look forward to her down home wit and domesticated charming evil ways. Donna’s from down South, and will claim Georgia, South Carolina, or Tennessee as ‘home’ depending on what she’s doing. She says her husband’s people are from around here, that’s how she ended up She’s big on Emily Post, only violating her rules equal…well let’s just say you won’t like it. She’s sweet as Shirley Temple pudding otherwise, except for the delight she takes in scenes of madness and mayhem.

Donna Bleed is a woman made up of sugar, spice, and love of horror movies. She is acting manager of the Lost Highway Trailer Park, and a model housewife. Nobody’s ever seen her husband; Donna maintains he does a lot of night fishing, which nobody seems to question. His apparent absence gives Donna plenty of time to watch horror movies. She’s social, very neighborly, and a fantastic hostess, inviting the residents of the Lost Highway to watch movies with her, but should they misstep and not use a coaster, they may get one of her ‘special’ cookies, and go night fishing. When not watching movies in the trailer, she’ll tool on down to Rosen’s Drive-In for the real thing. She keeps her machete sharp, and her mind sharper. Don’t ask her why she keeps a padlock on the deep freeze.

Whatever paranormal weirdness goes on along the Lost Highway she takes in stride, which may say something about her. Just don’t ignore that “No Solicitors” sign posted on the front door.

You can follow Donna on twitter here.  She maybe following you already. Sneaking up behind you with some bran muffins and a butcher knife.