We are proud to announce that A. Doktor has joined the Lost Highway family bringing his witty observation on some of the best and worse in b-movies and cult films. We look forward to his deranged analysis and scientific snarkological approach to movie reviews.

A. Doktor, or just Doktor, like everyone else, was born an amnesiac. Unlike most, he’s never grown out of it.  He’s spent his entire life, and countless hundreds of dollars of his own monthly allowance, searching for “the question” which will properly frame the answer of who he is. What is known follows:

At the tender age of 35, Fred, his beloved hermit crab, passed away. Grief striken by the untimely loss of his life-long companion, compunded by the loss for what to do because of the writer’s strike of 2007-2008, Doktor dedicated his life to Science. Bolstered by a solid Scienctific foundation—years of Star Trek re-runs—it took him a mere two years to complete his doktoral thesis on Statistically Preventable Analytic Mathematics, which earned him the first Ph.D. in the Forbidden Sciences from Houston Community College. Because of this prestigeious degree, Doktor was quickly snatched up by The Illuminati to work in their newly built Laboratory SS7. It’s exact whereabouts is secret, but the scuttlebutt is it’s located just off The Lost Highway.

Doktor is solitary by nature, not often seen, but his presence is always felt—most likely because he survives on a diet rich in Tang and prairie squid. He toils away, night and day, among test tubes full of brightly colored liquids and blinky-lighted electronic equipement or watching b-movies, depending on his particular mood.

Or, mayhaps, all of this is an elaborate consipracy…

You can follow Doktor on twitter here. Just don’t volunteer for any of his “experiments.” There’s charges are still pending.