The Golden Trailer Hitchies

We’re proud to announce the first annual Golden Trailer Hitchies for 2010 “The Hitchies.” Yeah I know we’re a few days late but better late than pregnant. These awards are to honor websites that we feel exemplify the 3B’s of Blood, Breasts, and Beasts and best honor the tradition of the drive-in and VHS cinema. The nominees are below and we’ll be announcing gold and silver winners by the end of the month. Winners are decided by the Lost Highways Institute for B-movie Immersive Studies (LHIBS). It’s a select group of elite scientists that will conduct extensive observational studies on the nominees. ┬áMostly in hiding while the nominee sleep, eat and work over the next several weeks. Then they will be getting something special in the mail, It’s all incredibly creepy and stalker like. So without further ado, here are the nominees.

1. Mondo Film & Video Guide


3. Shadow’s B-Movie Graveyard


5. Vitamin B-movie

6. KinderTrauma

7. Jabootu The Bad movie Dimension

8. Stomp Tokyo

9. Attack from Planet B

10. Igloo of the Uncanny