Well after 3 months hard labor in a underground Vietnamese coal camp, the coveted “2010 Golden Trailer Hitchie” winner finally sees the light of day. The winner will receive this amazing award to put on their mantle so that friends and family will stare in shock and awe. Pilgrimages to see the trophy may be scheduled at the winner’s earliest convenience. Don’t worry there are no losers at the Hitchies. All runner-ups will get an authentic certificate of achievement along with a limited edition “Maximum overdrive” print autographed by the artist Steve Jencks.

And now for the moment at least a dozen or so of you have been waiting for…


Unfortunately badmovies.org isn’t here to accept the award ,but we will be sending them this amazing trophy as soon as we can find out where the heck he lives. I kid, we know exactly where he lives. What he likes on his cereal, if he sleeps on his left side or his right. The award is on it’s way! You can’t hide from your destiny Andrew Borntreger.

Golden Trailer Hitchies

A little bit of background about this prestige award.  For our very first Golden Trailer Hitchie Award, all of us at Lost Highway spared no expense in putting together a small but highly skilled team of artisans to craft this stunningly beautiful work of art.  Made from only the finest materials known to man. It features museum grade finishes and custom hand crafted detailing.  Cultural historians who have seen an early preview of this award are already calling this artistic marvel, the eighth wonder of the world.