Tiger Sixon has friends in high places–Outer Space. As a secret operative for the government, Tiger met a trio of aliens after they had a rough landing outside an abandoned mini-golf course. Ignoring orders to bring the aliens back to headquarters for “tests”, Tiger went on a joy ride with his new friends in their UFO–and ran up a hefty bar tab on his government issued credit card in the process.

After returning to headquarters empty handed, but fullĀ livered, Tiger was arrested and locked up in a government base somewhere in Death Valley. The government wants Tiger’s knowledge of the aliens and their UFO, but he won’t talk. The government forces Tiger to watch weapons grade b-movies in hopes he will go mad, crack, and share his secrets. So far, all the government has been able to get out Tiger is plenty of snark with a side of sarcasm.

Lost Highway has secured government funding normally reserved for public orphanages to allow Tiger’s b-movie immersion studies to be revealed to the public. Feel free to follow him on twitter at http://twitter.com/tigersixon or his top secret facebook page that he’s updating with a Somalian iphone hidden somewhere in the base. Also, never mention his name in public. Big brother is watching and will swoop down on you like a spider monkey.