Galaxy Invader screen capture.

Aliens meeting rednecks is a subject close to my heart. Hell, that’s how we came to have Uncle Spacey locked up in the attic on the family farm. While The Galaxy Invader only features one alien, it has a metric ton of rednecks. This leads to many classic double negative filled quotes, including “I ain’t never seen nothin’ like this b’fore!”, “We don’t need no women!”, and “I don’t want you sayin’ nothin’ to nobody!” If you ever wanna piss off a grammar snob, give ‘em a copy of this flick.

Galaxy Invader

If Larry the Cable Guy decided to remake E.T., but spent 99% of the budget on Coors Light and Laffy Taffy, you might get something close to The Galaxy Invader. An alien crashes in the backwoods near a one brain cell town, and well, hilarity ensues. And how. Fans of Mystery Science Theater 3000 will recognize the film, as bits were used in the credits for Pod People (Rifftrax eventually lampooned Galaxy Invader). For the meme literate: “Yo dawg, I heard you like b-movies, so I put a b-movie in your b-movie, so you can watch a b-movie while you watch a b-movie.”

The film features dueling storylines (but no banjos) centered around the Invader. The first is a touching tale of a young student and his teacher who either lives six hours away or is slow to get out of bed. When the student phones about the crashed alien, the learned teacher tells the boy, from the comfort of his bed, “I will be there about six hours from now.” Six hours? You can watch all three of the Back to the Future films in less time.

Galaxy Invader

The second, and even more touching storyline is about a down-on-his-luck father trying to provide for his family in the face of adversity. Wait. No. It is about the town drunk chasing his daughter with a shotgun for mouthing off. Joe (blood type: PBR) is always wearing the same torn t-shirt throughout the film. When Joe ain’t chasing his family with a shotgun, he schemes with the film’s equivalent to Boss Hogg. Their plan? Conscript drunk hunters, have them capture the alien alive, and sell it. Hey, it worked in King Kong.

Oh, right.

Unlike E.T., ALF, or MAC, our Invader is acronym free and packing heat. After seeing the Invader’s weapons in action against drunk hunters, Joe comes up with a new plan–sell the weapons to the Russians. Ah, films in the ‘80s–when in doubt, reference the Russians.

Galaxy Invader is a much watch. It is brilliantly hilarious. If the hilarity is intended or not, I can’t say. But, the film just keeps throwing curve balls. Joe’s dime store Jimmy Stewart persona is a joy to watch, so are his parenting skills. Joe’s youngest daughter hating everything is a great running gag, and then there is the awkward fight scene between Joe and his son. They don’t so much as fight, as they aggressively lean into each other. The ending also features the best pre-Baywatch use of slow motion. And let’s not forget the Invader itself–the costume may look kinda silly, but I’ll take someone in a costume and mask over a CGI alien any day. Tiger says, give this one a watch.

Tiger Sixon is forced to watch B-movies from the comfort of a secret government base in Death Valley. He looks nothing at all like Daniel J. Hogan (@danieljhogan) who draws the comic Clattertron.

roadside attractions

  • Bumpy aliens
  • Crazy hair
  • Torn shirts
  • Plaid shirts
  • Alien stun guns
  • Floozies
  • Short shorts
  • Awkward family fighting
  • Falling dummies
  • Rednecks
  • Shotgun parenting
  • Hillbillies




Mr. Invader and some of the rednecks get kinda gun crazy.




All of the ladies keep their tops on.




Mr. Invader has plenty of screen time and is pretty neato looking.


Check out the trailer for “The Galaxy Invader”