Just when you thought it was safe to eat Lucky Charms again, along comes Leprechaun 2. This time the leprechaun is in love and will stop at nothing to get his bride. It’s the equivalent of a midget psychopath with an E-harmony account. In medieval Ireland when people weren’t dying of the black death, they’re usually dealing with leprechaun infestations. Warwick Davis plays one such magical irishman whose been hankering for a little dwarf love on his 1000th birthday. He’s got his eyes set a local peasant girl. She’s a fair maiden who enjoys nighttime laundry cleaning. Fortunately her dad whose been a forced slave of the Leprechaun puts the kibosh on the wedding plans when he breaks up it’s spell of sneezes. Yes, many Irish spells revolve around chronic outdoor allergies. This ticks of the little green guy who ends up sulking in a magic tree trunk for a few more centuries and work on growing out his mullet.

Flash forward to the 1990’s and a con artist, Cody and his drunk uncle Morty have been touring around in a hearse taking tourists money and creeping out the old folks at the senior center. Cody’s girlfriend Bridget, a descendent of the peasant girl comes along for the ride hoping to play a bit of putt-putt later with Cody (not a euphemism.) Meanwhile, A hobo’s gold filling lures the old Leprechaun out of hiding and starts stalking Bridget hoping to make her his new bride and baby mama. He puts her in a choke collar and teleports her back to his tree cave prison for a shotgun wedding but before he can perform the ceremony he discover one of his precious gold coins was snatched away by Cody. He must “have his gold” so he leaves Bridget chained to a rock and heads back to town to track him down.

leprechaun2Cody has been trying to convince Morty of the Leprechaun, but he doesn’t believe him until they both go to the local bar and the Leprechaun shows up for a St. Patty’s day drinking showdown. Even a leprechaun can’t out drink an alcoholic. Before he can claim victory, the leprechaun smashes Morty on the head with a whiskey bottle and hides out in a hipster coffee shop to sober up and face melt a snarky barista. Cody and Morty trick the leprechaun into a iron safe but Morty can’t resist the lure of 3 free wishes and locks Cody in the closet while he ends up with a stomach full of gold coins instead. That’s a heck of lot harder to pass than a kidney stone. With his last wishes, Morty accidentally frees the leprechaun who then slices him open like a sunday ham. and somewhere a bartender decides to close early.

Cody tracks down the leprechauns secret love lair and has to do fight with the little guy through a battle of wits which can hopefully can save Bridget from a life of leprehacuan diaper changing once and for all. L2 is not really on par with the first Leprechaun film which had Jennifer Aniston, but this one did have a brief cameo by Clint Howard which is about as good as it gts. Barry Goodall says check out Leprechaun 2, it’s magically malicious.

roadside attractions

  • Levitating and neck snapping
  • Homeless dental surgery
  • Glowing trees
  • Tree-fu
  • Finger rippin’ good
  • Propeller to the face
  • Remote choke collar
  • Snuggie blackets
  • Leprechaun drool
  • Irish go-carting
  • Espresso of death
  • Hit and run leprechaun
  • Skeleton wrestling
  • Exploding midgets




A finger gets chopped, a stomach sliced, but it’s surprisingly light on the red stuff. There’s a lot of high blood alcohol levels though if that counts for anything.




Stunt Double breasts? sure, we don’t discriminate but wish they’d jump through a flaming hoop over some buses.




One little leprechaun who can’t stop rhyming like a midget vanilla ice with more talent.


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