An American Werewolf in London

“An American Werewolf in London” is probably the best anti British tourism ad since early Mentos commercials. It’s a movie that shows if you don’t stick with the tour guide, you’ll end up shredded by a werewolf or bitten by one and have to deal with flea baths  for the rest of your life.

An American Werewolf in London

A couple of American students, David and Griffin are backpacking across England when they stumble into a pub called “The Slaughtered Lamb.” It’s not the big party club you’d expect, but it’s stock full of  English folk playing darts and drawing pentagrams on the walls. David and Griffin decide to have a pint but are forced to leave the pub early when they ask about the satanic wall art and are shunned for their lack of cribbage knowledge.

They hike it across the English moors  fully warned to stay on the road when a werewolf  suddenly attacks them killing Griffin and leaving Dave with some pretty bad neck wounds. He passes out just as the werewolf gets shot by the townsfolk but awakens later at a hospital. David tells the doctors about having dreams of running in the woods naked and gnawing on deer heads or seeing his family killed by nazi werewolves while watching the muppets. A common sign of lycanthropy or bad hospital food. His dead friend Griffin shows up in his room later and warns him he’ll become a wolf at the next full moon unless he kills himself. That’s typical zombie reverse psychology, but David doesn’t believe him and goes home with the head nurse for some showering and gratuitous ardvarking. After she leaves for work, he goes all hairy monster and starts killing dinner party guests and British businessmen who can only briskly jog from danger.

A doctor from the hospital suspects the murders were done by David so he stops in at the slaughtered lamb for some intel gathering and a blood transfusion if needed. (It’s a service at all the local English bars.) Meanwhile David is hanging out at a porno-theater where  An American Werewolf in Londonhe goes full on wolf again and his girlfriend shows up  just in time to see him decapitate a policemen and gets shot by a Swat Team. The exact same way Winston Churchill died. David turns back into human form which is end of the film and my personal limit for male hinnee shots.

American Werewolf in London has to be one of the shorter werewolf movies made but has some of the best special f/x  and set the standard for werewolf transformations on screen. What’s really missing is a werewolf surfing on top of a service van or maybe a 80’s montage of him playing basketball  while some Night Ranger music plays in the background.

roadside attractions

  • Deer decapitation
  • cop decapitation with head roll
  • Dart throwin’
  • Nazi werewolves with optional neck slashin’
  • naked marathon running
  • Moors of death
  • Nurse bedside manners
  • Zombies in a porn theater
  • extreme werewolf transformation




Werewolves have horrible table manners! There’s blood everywhere.




Some ardvarking with a naughty nurse. Thanfully no hairy werewolf breasts.





One dead werewolf and one on a english bar crawl.


Watch the trailer to “An American Werewolf in London”