It’s not often we don’t do a deep dive into a movie review here on Lost Highway. We pride ourselves on giving you a full rundown on the blood, breasts, and beasts count and it’s highway attraction totals. However in the case of Meat.Puppets we’re not going to spoil any of the surprise as that just wouldn’t be fair to you our mutant reading public. Three girls are being held captive and taunted by some deranged psycho and that’s all you need to know! if we told you anymore we’d have to kill you. Meat.Puppets is directed by illustrator Roger Scholz and stars Ashley Short, Marjorie Pierson Yost, Jessica Rose Van Netten and Larry Lutzeit. This gritty feature was filmed on a budget of $70 despite $50 of that just being used to feed the cast and crew. It is truly one of the best times we had with a short film feature in a long time. You just have to see it for yourself. Get yourself a copy or check it out at your local horror film fest and let the director know what you think.