Films join the category of “cult classics” for a reason: they inspire a fanatical following. Whether you find yourself at a cinematic theme party, a midnight viewing, or just want to get dressed up for the heck of it, here are a few cult film-inspired costume ideas to help you show off your movie knowledge!


Have you been invited to a comic theme party? You could choose to wear the usual Spiderman costume, or you could get a bit funkier. One of the cheesiest yet most entertaining comic book movies ever, “Barbarella” stars Jane Fonda as a spy who seems to get herself tangled up in all sorts of intergalactic trouble. When she’s dressed, she’s typically in knee-high go-go boots and plenty of metallic. Her hair seems to get bigger and bigger throughout the film, so don’t forget the hairspray.


Do you want to go all out with glam hair and makeup? Dress as Jareth the Goblin King from cult favourite “Labyrinth.” Jareth, played of course by David Bowie, wears clothing very similar to a pirate costume, mixed with plenty of makeup and a spiked mullet. Capture his style with a rocker wig, pirate costume, silvery makeup and lip gloss. If you browse the funny fancy dress at Funidelia, you’ll probably be able to put the pieces together for this classic cult look.

Shaun of the Dead

Zombies are always popular costume ideas, but you can give it a cult film twist by dressing up as a character from “Shaun of the Dead.” Shaun is an easy enough costume to put together. You just need a blood-spattered white dress shirt, red tie, and cricket bat as an accessory.


Going to a party in a group? Some of the best cult film-inspired costumes come from “The Warriors,” which features all of the gangs in New York dressed in easily identifiable costumes. Perhaps the most sinister are the Baseball Furies, but all of the gangs are great costume fodder.


Characters from David Lynch productions are always top choices for film-based costumes. If you don’t want to go the usual Twin Peaks route you could opt to use the surreal looks of “Eraserhead” as the basis for your outfit.

Easy Rider

One cult classic that’s had an undeniable influence is “Easy Rider,” starring Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson, and Dennis Hopper as a gang of stoned bikers. Get out your paisley, leather, and fringe to embrace the psychedelic style.

The Big Lebowski

An instant classic when it was released, “The Big Lebowski” is only growing in popularity and its fans host a number of theme nights, typically at bowling alleys. Dress up as The Dude and you’ll be able to attend your theme party in both comfort and style. You’ll need a white V-neck shirt, sunglasses, bathrobe, plaid shorts, and leather sandals. Don’t forget the White Russian in hand.

The Craft

You could dress up like the witches from “Hocus Pocus,” or you could look a little cooler by going out with your friends dressed as the ladies from “The Craft.” Both are winning ideas, but the Craft teenage witches are easier looks to put together at the last minute. These ladies rock basic school girl outfits, mixed with 90’s flair like spiked chokers, witchy boots, and dark lipstick.