Are you searching for the best apps for movie streaming? If so, then in this post I am going to tell you some of the best movies streaming app, where you can watch movies, videos, and TV shows.  Movies streaming apps are really great apps for the users because these apps help users by providing latest movies, videos, and watch on their Smartphone freely.

There are also many movies streaming app that is why many of the people get confused which one to grab. Therefore, below, I have listed some of the best apps for movie streaming for you.

Apps for Online Movie Streaming:

#1. Movie Tube

If you are really a movie lover, then you can grab this app and watch your favorite’s movies, TV shows on your Smartphone and PC. Movie Tube is one of the best movie streaming apps for Android device.


Here, the app offers a low resolution to high like 240p to 720p.  You can also watch latest movies, which are newly released. Movie tube is very easy and simple to use the and it also supports IOS, windows and obviously Android platform.

#2. Showbox

Showbox is also one of the famous app for movie streaming; this app supports all platform such windows, android, iOS. Showbox provides users a better option for streaming than others streaming app. Now, Showbox also becomes one of the favorite streaming apps by the people. This app offers users unlimited of movies, videos, TV shows and much more. The app not only offers watching movies but it also let you download movies, videos, and any TV shows.


Showbox also has low to high range of resolution, so, if you want to watch movies with high quality, then you can select 1080p 0r 720p resolution. But to watch with high-quality format movies, you need a fast internet connection. In case, if your internet is slow, you have to use the low or medium quality.

#3. Tubi TV

This app also provides users an unlimited collection of movies, videos, and many TV shows. This app lets you watch your favorite movies, and one of the best things about this app is that there are various categories like comedy, Romantic, action, horror, etc.


By choosing any categories, you can watch the types of movies that you want. Like others, here, you can also choose the pictures quality that you want to watch with.

#4. Crackle App

This is one of the alternative apps of the show box. Crackle app also let you watch movies, videos online. It is totally free of cost, like other apps, this app also has various categories like drama, comedy, action etc., from these categories you can watch types of movies you want.


You can get this app on Google play store. In case if you are using a Smartphone.


These are some of the popular apps for movies streaming and these apps will provide you unlimited of movies to watch. As I have discussed in the above, these apps support all types of the platform such as windows, android, and iOS. So, I hope you like this post and have no doubt to choose your best app for movies streaming. Hence, if you have any doubt use the below comments box and share your opinion.