We all know that watching a movie and settling into the couch on a Friday night, heck, on any night, is extremely healthy. It’s important to relax once in awhile, and even more important to take your mind off of the everyday goings on. whether your preferred movie is more mindless entertainment, or you like a deep-thinking kind of flick, watching a movie is often the best remedy for anything that is bothering you.

At the same time, sometimes the way that we end up watching these movies turns it into a bit of an unhealthy habit. Do you find yourself eating microwaved popcorn, candy bars, and ice cream? Is your go to beverage a soda or energy drink? If you eat a bit of junk food from time to time, that is not a problem. But if you are a true movie fiend, and you end up eating this way several nights per week, your health is going to get out of whack pretty fast.

Make sure that you take care of your body by eating right during movie nights. Many people are thinking right now that they did not settle into the couch so they could snack on baby carrots and ranch dip, or crunch down on some oven-roasted kale chips. But eating right doesn’t have to mean it either is not appetizing or takes a ton of effort to make.

When you sign up for a service like Nutrisystem, you get the double benefit of eating right and also not having to spend a ton of time and energy on doing so. Take advantage of the great coupons available through Groupon and Nutrisystem to score 40% off of every order and get free shipping, and even to get $25 off of your first two orders plus free bars and shakes.

Turning your movie night around into a completely healthy habit, both mentally and physically, takes very little effort, and not much of a cash outlay either. Enjoy your movie night guilt free with Nutrisystem, and you might find that movie night expands into movie nights, multiple times each week.