Gambling and betting are some of the most popular topics in Bollywood and Hollywood. The movies that rely on casino-based stories weave intricate plots, revealing great characters and outstanding performances. Tension builds in, actors increase the adrenaline and make viewers sit at the edge of their seats. The way characters use mind games and tricks to influence their opponents and even the audience is the cherry on top.

For some, gambling movies taught them about betting deals or what a casino bonus code is. Hence, they entered the world of gambling not only relying on real success stories but also on movie plots that helped them find their role model. Over the years, there have been released a high number of successful gambling movies. Some of the most widely famous are The Gambler, The Hangover, Maverick, Ocean’s 11, Casino, Rounders, and Casino Royale.

Hollywood Gambling Movies: The Plot and Storyline

The relationship between gambling and the actors starring in this type of movies helps create an intense story, making the audience see it as a true story. If you do not want to take the risk, you can watch others do it and learn something from it.  Gambling movie serves as a replacement for such excitement. Furthermore, gambling movies reached to develop their own genre. 

Prestigious actors manage to transfer the rollercoaster of high stakes gambling onto the screens, creating breath-taking scenes. To build unique storylines, film producers generally choose the stereotypes which come with gamblers. Some of them reveal the darker side of gambling, when people lie, cheat and get into trouble. 

However, in some cases, film producers also present the exquisite and glamorous part of the gambling world, one where a select clientele is attracted by high-class casino life. Nevertheless, the greatest drawback when it comes to gambling movies is their predictability. Even if there are movies with different storylines, most of them have a similar ending.  

The most common plot untangles as the lead character gets in trouble due to his gambling skills or gambling addiction. Then, the audience either finds out about the troubles that the world of gambling can produce or the movie may end with the lead role overcoming their problems. The endings may differ, depending on whether the producer wants to reveal the negative or positive effects of gambling. 

Bollywood Gambling Movies: The Plot and Storyline

Generally, Bollywood-made movies differ from Hollywood-made ones since gambling is restricted in India. However, there are certain exceptions, like horse race betting and lottery betting. Lately, despite the prohibition, more and more people have started betting. People living there believe that the laws regarding betting and gambling should change since they believe that a developed gambling system could represent a great revenue for the state. At the moment, only three states allow casinos, namely Sikkim, Daman, and Goa.

Even if the world of gambling in India is challenged by numerous restrictions, there are certain film producers who managed to make some gambling movies. Furthermore, some of them are very popular. “Teen Patti” is one of the best Bollywood films when it comes to the gambling world. The main storyline relies on the life of a mathematician who works on developing a thesis of probability. Hence, he bases the thesis on a poker game known as Teen Patti. The film illustrates a topsy-turvy situation when the professor and his team enter into private clubs and casinos. 

Another extraordinary Indian gambling movie was “Jannat”. The film was released in 2008 and gained more popular worldwide than in India. Furthermore, it also got a positive response from critics. The story builds around a man who tries to find heaven on earth but he gets caught up in consumerism and crime. His obsession is to make money very quickly. The message of this gambling movie highlights the negative effects of gambling.

“Striker” is another gambling movie that stands out due to the fact that relies on true events. The story is built around a poor boy who learned about the game Carrom at a very young age. He becomes so good at this game that he wins a championship. Being driven by his gambling passion, he moves on to a dangerous territory and he loses all his savings.

The negative and positive effects of gambling have inspired numerous film producers around the world, both those at Bollywood and the ones at Hollywood. The results speak for themselves, leaving out successful movies in the box office while revealing incredible stories. The audience has learned a lot about gambling and how it can change your life by only watching this type of movies. That is why they have become so popular along the years.