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Lost Highway is a desolate road trip through the backwoods of b-movies and cult films. At Lost Highway our roadside stops include horrorsci-fi, action, grindhouse, exploitation, and cult films from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s as well as new films we deem worthy of the b-movie title. Does it contain in excess any of combination one of the 3 b’s…blood, breasts or beasts? If so then it meets the stringent guidelines set forth by Joe Bob Briggs the master of B-movie knowledge. We are your tour guides on this winding road bringing you fun satirical reviews of some of the best and worse b-movies you’ve ever seen or never heard of. We’ll see you on down the highway.

Your Highway Mutants

Barry Goodall was discovered floating down a drainage ditch in an inflatable hemorrhoid comfort cushion. He was raised by a group of traveling carnies who fed him soda and funnel cakes. Barry was raised on a VCR and a box load of b-movies while his family worked the midway. He works the grill at the local drive-in and is still watching b-movies to this day. Some nights you can still hear his tape rewinder squealing into the night air.
Tiger Sixon was locked up in a secret Death Valley base by the government and subjected to weapons grade B-movies in hopes he will crack and share his secrets. No one knows why the government locked up one of their best operatives, but it is rumored to involve aliens, a spaceship, and a hefty bar tab. Tiger Sixon looks nothing at all like Daniel J. Hogan (@danieljhogan) who draws comics and writes humor for
Die-Anne Takillya is the wicked waitress at Bubba’s All-Nite Diner, and she’s serving up bad movies and good food to the late-night denizens and visitors to The Lost Highway every chance she gets. She thinks up the specials while she watches the worst of the worst, so you don’t have to. Skewering B-movies almost as well as she skewers beef for the grill, she can make even the cheesiest of movies something you want to savor!
Doktor is solitary by nature, not often seen, but his presence is always felt—most likely because he survives on a diet rich in Tang and prairie squid. He toils away, night and day, among test tubes full of brightly colored liquids and blinky-lighted electronic equipment or watching b-movies, depending on his particular mood.
A victim of his own personal torment, The Goon forces himself to watch some of worst and sleaziest films known to mankind, like some sort of sick, demented science experiment. He’ll upload videos of him warning others about these films, mocking them in a sarcastic and satirical manner in some weird attempt to save his own sanity, although it’s very possible that has been gone for some time. You can watch this mad experiment at Goon Reviews.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

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