No tolls… only mutant trolls.

Lost Highway is a desolate road trip through the backwoods of b-movies and cult films. At Lost Highway our roadside stops include horrorsci-fi, action, grindhouse, exploitation, and cult films from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s as well as new films we deem worthy of the b-movie title. Does it contain in excess any of combination one of the 3 b’s…blood, breasts or beasts? If so then it meets the stringent guidelines set forth by Joe Bob Briggs the master of B-movie knowledge. We are your tour guides on this winding road bringing you fun satirical reviews of some of the best and worse b-movies you’ve ever seen or never heard of. We’ll see you on down the highway.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

At Lost Highway we’re always looking for other lost travelers who have the same passion and love for b-movies and cult films that we do. If you possibly have a business partnership opportunity that can help put Lost Highway on the map and help your business out as well, then let’s chat about it. We are also offering advertising on our site. Contact us for more details.

Lost Highway’s B-movie and Cult Film Reviews

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