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Landmine Goes Click is a psychological thriller/action movie that will leave you disturbed for some time to come after you’ve seen it. But that’s not to say that what’s on display here is bad, rather, this will stay with you for a long time, for all the right reasons.

Just be warned; you may need to have a strong stomach prior to viewing!

The Plot Line

The story follows Daniel & Alicia, a couple who are engaged, and they decide to spend their last few days of freedom prior to their marriage relaxing. Now, while your idea of relaxing might be in the spa, or having a flutter in the Casino Online (for example, in the Apnet – Casino), their idea of a good time is to go hiking. And it is Georgia (the country, not the state) where they choose as the place for their hike, taking their friend, Chris, along for the ride.

While in the mountains of Georgia, Chris manages to step on a landmine. He suddenly freezes on the spot, because stepping off means that the landmine most likely will explode. The threesome is literally miles and miles away from any help, which perfectly sets the scene for the rest of the movie.

Ramping up the Tension

Daniel decides that it is best if he goes in search of help, leaving both Alicia and Chris behind, with the promise of returning with assistance. In his absence, Alicia makes the decision to attempt to create a trench of sorts, for Chris to jump off onto, but she quickly tires. Along comes a local named Ilyia, who offers help. However, Ilyia has a price for offering that help.

After Ilyia’s “help” scene plays out, we fast forward in time several years. Here we see Ilyia as a family man, with a wife and daughter, living a regular family life. However, when he receives a house call from a friendly American stranger, his life is forever changed.

In the interest of remaining spoiler free, I will say no more about the events that happen next. Just rest assured that there are many twists in the tale!

Is it worth the watch?

Simply put, the answer is yes. At 1 hour and 50 minutes in length, this is no short movie, but it is the kind of one that you will not find flying by. All of the actors manage to play their parts perfectly, with actor Kote Tolordava deserving special mention for his depiction of the despicable Ilyia.

This movie absolutely drips with tension and menace throughout, and is a true display of what humans are capable of, when presented with certain situations. And it manages all of this without the display of excess gore that some would expect from this style of movie.

From the locations and the actors to the general plot and tone, this movie will leave you astounded, and in the end, absolutely spent. This one can’t come highly recommended enough.

Ranking: 8 out of 10


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Comments Off on X-Men Apocalypse is Coming Soon to DVD, Digital & Blu Ray

If you missed out on seeing X-Men Apocalypse on the big screen, this blockbuster is coming out on DVD, Digital and Blu Ray, hitting stores on the 4th October. Let’s revisit this movie, and re-review it, to see if it is worth having a look at when it drops in stores in the next couple of weeks.

A Lost God and the First Mutant

As you may have guessed from the title of this movie, the antagonist is Apocalypse, who was the very first mutant the world had ever seen. Worshipped as a God for Millennia, Apocalypse has the ability to take on and collect other mutant’s powers, making him not only invincible, but also immortal.
When he awakens after spending thousands of years in hibernation, he sets about reeking havoc on the world he had left behind. Without spoiling too much of the plot for you he indeed creates the kind of chaos that would force a lot of people to seek legal advice against him in normal circumstances.

Building on the Mythology

Bryan Singer, the Director, has managed to further the stories of many of the main characters by arranging the return of some well-known cast members. Favorites such as Wolverine and Professor X are back and accounted for, and the story told sets up future movies, such as the new Wolverine movie with Hugh Jackman, which is due for release in March of 2017.
Meanwhile, new mutants are introduced, with one being Psylocke, played by Olivia Munn. However, it is the return of QuickSilver that is a real highlight, with his “time slowed” scenes being a real standout part of the movie.
I read this article on everything you need to know about drink and drug driving and it says that time can go missing in short bursts due to an over consumption of alcohol, and I would imagine that is what QuickSilver’s victims experience after he strikes.

How does it shape up against the other X Men movies?

This latest instalment deserves its place as one of the classic X Men movies. While not as ambitious as the previous version, Days of Future Past, this one will still keep you gripping your seat. The action scenes and special effects are, as you have come to expect by now, top notch (it goes without saying at this stage!), and Michael Fassbender’s return as Magneto is truly amazing.
The way his background story has been filled out in the last three movies really would have you questioning – “Wait, is he really the bad guy in all of this?”
All in all, whether you are a fan of the franchise or not, this is a great action movie packed with scene after scene of amazing special effects. Running at 144 minutes, it’s a little long, but that being said, it is not time wasted either.

Rating (out of 100) 84%


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Comments Off on Great movie shirts for your consideration from Found Item Clothing.

Rather than do anything meaningful or important like shipping out customer orders or assisting on the phones or polishing up the latest shirt design, we thought we’d talk about our favorite tshirts from our favorite movies instead. It’s kind of surprising anything gets done around here, honestly. All of us at the office are cult film fans, and the allure to simply start talking about that one scene in your favorite film is a strong one.

So we gave in, in to that siren song of procrastination. Rather than work, we had an office powwow and picked our favorite cult film shirts. There are not a lot of us here at Found Item Clothing, so this wonít be an all-inclusive list, but maybe we can find a common thread and bring peace and prosperity to the galaxy.

Sara: Welcome to Tatooine (Star Wars)

Sara enjoys shopping for power converters at Tosche Station, long walks on sand dunes, and shooting wamp rats for sport. She advises that when visiting Tatooni, “it is really important to wear breathable cotton fabrics”. Her sentiments are apropos given this is her favorite shirt.

Karl: I Heart Toxic Waste (Real Genius)

Karl can often be found laughing maniacally while rearranging merchandise. It matters not to him if anyone can find anything. When he’s not hatching diabolical plans, he says he thinks about his favorite shirt and how “it is a timeless message, almost a philosophy.” That and it was our first shirt ever sold.

John: College (Animal House)

John has Terminator-level relentlessness when it comes to sitting at his workstation, the only weakness being cupcakes (chocolate please). Channeling his inner-Bluto, John states that the College sweatshirt is something that, “most everyone can relate to, even though they may not know the movie it’s taken from.”

Adam: Fu Manchu (Big Trouble in Little China)

Adam brings a Zen-like calm to the office, coalescing everyone’s efforts into a meaningful outcome. It’s these ancient mystical powers that draw him to the Fu Manchu tank top.

Trevor: This is my Boomstick (Army of Darkness)

Trevor can usually be found looking for any excuse to watch YouTube while on the clock. Besides having laziness that rivals Ed from Shaun of the Dead, his taste in movies is legendary in his own mind. And his favorite of all time is Army of Darkness: “It’s a movie about one manís epic struggle to Deadite the wrongs in his life.”


Comments Off on Poltergeist (2015)

I’ve been doing a lot of reviews of recent films, but there’s a reason, and I promise to return to the vintage side of things soon. But, for now, let’s talk about a remake. A tried and true tale of time: The haunted house. Now, I see many reviewers that have panned this movie, but the way I see it is this: A remake is only as good as the way it’s received. You gotta take off the nostalgia goggles, forget the original movie, and enjoy the ride. So let’s ride, folks!

This movie begins like all haunted house stories does: Family moves into a new place, explores it, bad stuff happens. I’m going to try and not make a lot of comparisons to the original, folks, but some must be made. This time around the family is consisted of a middle class family down on their luck. The father is unemployed, the mother is a stay at home mom with hopes of becoming a writer, a bratty teenager, a young son, and an even younger daughter. Now, usually the first mistake that most remakes make is failing to update the material, and I’m happy to say that this movie does that very well. They have modern technology and modern day problems.

The house of haunt that they move in to is wired to the core for high speed internet and security systems galore. The only reason I mention this is because a good writer just gave us a whole lot of background with a quick and simple fact. But, for the family it just means one less expense, and for the viewer it means less montages of unpacking. Shortly after arriving and getting somewhat settled in the new couple is invited to a dinner party with some local folks that spend their time laughing at the poor, it seems. I’m not one to throw stones, but c’mon, the last time I saw this many wasps I was being chased by them because of a water-hose incident. Don’t ask. But, they do reveal that the land is built upon an old graveyard, but the graveyard was moved. Plus we get one of the best lines in the movie regarding an ancient burial ground.

While the parents are away the ghosts will play. Back at casa de haunt bad stuff starts to happen. We got a tree that is very grabby, clawing at the young boys window, wifi that goes haywire and leads the teenage daughter into a garage, and the youngest little girl gets visits from her “imaginary” friends. Unlike other movies, that spend a whole lot of time getting built up, creepy stuff starts happening from the get-go. This first night is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Then it hits the fan. The boy is assaulted by a creepy clown doll, the teenager is grabbed by muddy zombie ghost fingers, and the little girl stares into a vortex that would make Doctor Who jealous. Usually these types of scenes are ones that employ jump scares, but this movie does it with atmosphere, music, and a good buildup.

Another thing I like about this remake is the relate-ability of the characters. The father begins to drink, the wife begs him not to, and FOR ONCE IN HORROR MOVIES he listens, dumping the devil juice down the sink. The teenager is just as bratty as any real one is, and the two younger children are actually tolerable! Why do I mention this? Because they make you want to care about them. So, after a night of debauchery and hauntings, the worst happens: The little girl get sucked into the world of the dead. Or as some people call it: Florida. Just like the original the family decides that going head to head with the specters is a bad idea, so they call in help. First up on the list of characters whose names we aren’t going to remember: Paranormal Investigation Team College Edition.

Short chick, tall guy, and their leader The Librarian go to the house and start to probe, poke, and doubt. There’s even an exchange between tall guy and the young boy where the accusation of the search of fame is the motivation behind the entire thing, inferring it’s a hoax. I know my own choice of words would’ve been much more colorful, but the young man still shuts him down. What’s that, on the horizon? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it five time WCW World Champion Booker T? No! It’s….It’s….KARMA! Oh, sweet, sweet, and cruel karma! Following his callous accusation tall guy is tasked with mounting some piece of tech, whose relevance is inconsequential, in the nightmare closet with a drill. It’s at this point the spooks decide to let him know that they are, indeed, real. He gets up close and personal with a drill bit, inching towards his skull.

Needless to say, the small college team is not enough to deal with our haunters, so they call in the big guns. No, not some “medium” whose voice is so high pitched only certain breeds of dogs and four rodents can hear it, but a sturdy, Irish gentleman with his own ghost show. The kicker, of course, is his catch phrase: “This house is clean!” With no shame, whatsoever, I can admit that I chuckled. With no cameras in tow we find out that he is, as a matter of fact, a real medium. What I love about this character is the way he’s written, not like a superhero, or some paranormal badass, but a man with a gift, and very human. In fact, he and The Librarian are ex husband and wife, leading to some very well written dialogue between the two.

An earlier, irresponsible, purchase has left the young man with a drone camera. So they decide to send that in, after some setup, to try and find the young girl in the world of the dead. This is where the movie takes a cool turn, showing us what’s on the other side of the veil, and let me tell you: It ain’t pretty. Lightning! Chanting! Tables! Ectoplasm! And the final show down between the alive and the dead commences! But. No spoilers, folks.

With all seriousness I can say that this movie is actually really good. Putting aside all forms of nostalgia and preformed criticism, this is a hell of a ride, even giving me the willies once or twice. The material has been successfully updated, the characters and their interactions with the ghosts are much more believable this time around. Though CGI was heavily used, I still wholly approve of this movie. There are still some horror tropes woven in, but it adds to the fact that the filmmakers have not forgotten where they came from. Give this movie a watch, ASAP. And if you end up at the gates of the ooey-gooey, just tell them Deadman sent you. Stay tuned, folks!

roadside attractions

  • Finances are tight but they bought a house.
  • Never trust the realtor.
  • Teenagers.
  • Count the clowns.
  • Doll eyes. Stuffed animal doll eyes.
  • Stop counting clowns!
  • Don’t do that.
  • That’s a dirty drink.




There’s no gore, but plenty of gooeyness.




None to be shown, but there’s that one shot.




Trees, clowns, dolls, deadfolk. We got a smorgasbord, here!


Watch the trailer for Poltergeist


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What more is there to say about MegaForce when I can show you a picture of Barry Bostwick in costume? Move over GI Joe, the solid gold dancers are Earth’s greatest fighting force.

This gem from 1982 reeks of the modern day Hollywood formula, ACTION > PLOT. “Here’s a list of scenes that will send audiences into orgasmic bliss, write a story around them. You know what? Don’t waste your time. We’ll figure it out in editing.” Director Hal Needham, was a well known stuntman, need I say more? The MegaForce team is a group of the world’s best soldiers and a guy from the Southern US. See, like NASA they all have flag patches to display their origins. Dallas, Bostwick’s number 2, has the recently maligned confederate flag on his arm. These spandex clad motorcycle jockeys are like every other superior fighting force that’s off the books, they get called in for the tough jobs. Save the country, save the world? Um, no. Thwart tyranny or remove a corrupt dictator? Not really. There current assignment is to bait a warlord into crossing the border of the current country he is terrorizing into one where the proper military can take him down and arrest him legally. I’m not sure why you’d use the precision and expertise of the solid gold dancers as bait. I guess they don’t want MegaForce to take this guy out because that would look like the military crossed the border and their authority?
The wrong stuff
If you’re going to wear golden spandex, your vehicles have to be tricked out as well. Instead of some drab military colors, they’ve got custom paint jobs on each piece of transport featuring a very 80’s lightning bolt pattern. MEGAFORCE! “But wait! That doesn’t sound very stealthy.” No worries, there’s some techno babble to explain that the “photo sensitive” paint reacts to the light. When it’s night time, the vehicles are completely black. In the day time, more obnoxious than college kids at a big ten football game. The motorcycles are Battlestar Galactica vipers minus the space travel, wings and Starbuck. These bikes are low budget 80’s futuristic, complete with machine guns and missiles. You’ll notice them during the completely still closeups that they cut to every 3.87 seconds during a moving battle scene. The bikes are introduced to us through the eyes of a general seeing the team for the first time. The general is Devin Miles from Knight Rider, and he plays Devin Miles the general in this movie which is why I didn’t bother looking up his name. Anyway, he gets a demonstration of these supercyles in which they demolish some multicolored balloons randomly thrown above them as they drive down a road. To do that, you need to do a lot of wheelies on your motorcycle. Eat it, Mission Impossible Tom Cruise. Frickin’ wheelies, man.
silhouette love
I love finding a film that is so bad it is good, and I started the Film Frown podcast to document my journey. Is MegaForce in that category? The bad part is there, one hundred percent. Every chance they get, Bostwick the emaciated unfed Barry Gibb impersonator poses like he’s just defeated world hunger.flying motorcycle His headband is neither holding his hair, nor big enough to stop sweat. He looks like the little boy from The Ewok Adventure all grown up. His sidekick is the spitting image of Andy Gibb, so I think they must be a Bee Gees tribute group. While the vehicles are well done, you’ll be surprised when they give you a brief look inside and there’s no shag carpet. Finally, near the end Bostwick’s motorcycle sprouts wings and he flies. It’s some of the worst green screen you’ve ever seen. Greatest American Hero is like the Mona Lisa of flying heroes when compared to this scene. In case you don’t believe me, some kind person on imdb does note in the goofs section that “he’s clearly not actually flying a motorcycle.” Some movies throw stills in the credits or bloopers. Needam puts the same action scenes we saw during the film in the credits? I guess they were proud of the battle that ended with zero casualties and a rainbow.
rainbow warriors
This movie left me in awe. There was so much bad in every scene that I couldn’t take my eyes from it or disengage my brain to form an opinion. After writing that sentence, I think that I have to call MegaForce so bad it is good. I mean, it has to be seen to be believed. How did this film get released?

roadside attractions

  • Barry Bostwick’s winning smile
  • vyger with hair
  • military holograms used for porn
  • wheelies
  • two motorcycle jumps, yes TWO!
  • Barry Bostwick’s shit eating grin
  • green screen skydiving
  • thumbs up for spandex
  • Barry Bostwick’s leering smirk
  • proto-Team America: World Police




The director wanted to make an action film that was good, clean fun where no one died, with tanks and machine guns.



+1 because we’re lucky to have a single woman in this film. Who needs nudity when everyone is in spandex?




To be fair there’s no beast, but the young Henry Silva is a monster at being the most likable bad guy ever.


Watch the trailer for Witching & Bitching



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