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Day 9: name this poster below

yesterday’s posters were “Friday the 13th Part 8″and “I Spit on Your Grave”

friday the 13th

spit on your grave


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Day 7&8: name these posters below

Tuesday’s poster was “Big Trouble In Little China”


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Day 3: name this poster below


yesterday’s poster was “It’s Alive”

it's alive


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Day 2

yesterday’s poster was “C.H.U.D.”


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A big thank you goes to A. Doktor who conducted a great interview below with the very beautiful and talented actress, Denise Williamson. And another big thank you to Denise for doing this interview.

I first met Denise Williamson at Comicpalooza 2010 in Houston, TX. They were screening the film Spirit Camp, and she and the director/writer/producer/editor Kerry Beyer where at the show. Denise was clad in her cheerleader outfit from the movie. I was struck by her beauty, but was more so by the fact that it was freezing in the auditorium, and this poor woman was in next to nothing.

Denise is new to the game, but has hit the ground running. In 2009 she was in Spirit Camp. In 2010 she will be in Killer Schoolgirls from Outer Space, Boggy Creek, Renfield the Undead, Cherry Bomb and more (most have yet to be released).

When I learned she lived in Houston, I had to get an interview.

LH: Who is your favorite Scream Queen? Why?

DW: I don’t really have a favorite scream queen. Halloween is one of the first scary movies I remember seeing. Jamie Lee Curtis is where it all started for me.

LH: How long have you been a fan of horror/b-movies?

DW: When I was younger I was to afraid to watch them. It was about junior high when I started watching them with friends.

LH: What are your favorite movies in this genre?

DW: The Lost Boys is my all time favorite. I also like ones that are based on actual events or could actually happen.

LH: If you could star in a remake/reboot what would it be? What character?

DW: I don’t care to be in a remake. I’m an original 🙂 Remakes are never good anyway

LH: Have you had any special training and/or SUH-weet ninja skills to fight off all the perilous peril a heroine faces?

DW: Ha, ha. No, but I am a trained dancer and will hitch kick your face.

LH: How hard can you punch?

DW: I don’t know. Put your head in front of my fist and let’s find out.

LH: How long have you been in “the biz?”

DW: I got into making films a few years ago. Spirit Camp was my first film.

LH: Where did you get your start (acting)?

DW: In film, it was Spirit Camp. I walked in to get head shots for a theatre audition and Keyer Beyer (director of Spirit Camp) had some small roles he was still looking to cast and asked me if I wanted to audition.

LH: You didn’t get much screen time as a cheerleader in Spirit Camp. Do you get more time as the virginal teen girlfriend in Killer Schoolgirls from Outer Space?

DW: Yes in Killer School Girls I’m the female lead so I have much more screen time 🙂

LH: Did you get fraternize much with Ron Jeremy while working on Killer Schoolgirls? Was there any hootchi choochi lick ’em yum yums going on with cast members and Mr. Jeremy?

DW: Sorry to disappoint you but Ron Jeremy was never on set with us. All his scenes were shot separately.

LH: In Renfield the Undead you’re a hooker who trades up to Dracula’s wife. How was it to be one of the blood sucking undead?

DW: Who doesn’t want to play a vampire… That’s part of the fun of being an actress. You get to pretend to be something your not.

LH: What’s the film Cherry Bomb about?

DW: Lol! Cherry Bomb is a film about a stripper who gets revenge on the douche bags that attacked her.

LH: I noticed there are a couple actors who have worked with you on multiple movies (Julin, Cory Hart). Are you friends? Do you help one another get jobs?

DW: Julin is one of my best friends. We always hangout and get into trouble. I see Corey every once in awhile. We all go to auditions together and definitely recommend each other. I for sure recommend getting Julin and I on a set together. You wont be disappointed.

LH: What’s been the most fun working on these films?

DW: The friends I’ve made. Some of my closest friends are people I’ve meet on set. Some of the best moments happen behind the camera.

LH: What horror movie monster (zombie, vampire, werewolf, ghost, Paris Hilton) do you identify with? Why?

DW: A vampire. I don’t want to be a hairy, smelly wolf, eat people’s brains or walk around saying boo all the damn time. 🙂

LH: If you were a piñata, what would come out if you were whacked with a stick?

DW: Um candy. Hello! Because I’m so so sweet.

The remaining questions were conducted to test her situational survivability.

LH: Some disfigured/rotting person is shambling towards you, moaning incoherently, you…?

DW: Give them a makeover?

LH: There’s a bad storm out, the electricity in your cabin goes out and there’s a strange noise coming from the cellar. You…?

DW: Cellar… Honey, I live in TX. We don’t have cellars. 🙂

LH: You and your girlfriends are having a sleepover. You’re all lying around in your bras and g-strings. You…

DW: Oh well, I guess there is nothing left to do but make out!

She passed the most important one, hopefully insuring a long career in the motion pictures.

To find out more about Denise, you can visit:

If you haven’t already, check out Denise’s Highway Hotties page.

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