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We would like to thank Shannon Lark for doing this interview. Shannon can currently be seen in the movie, “Walking Distance” starring along side Reggie Bannister (Reggie from the Phantasm series) and Adrienne King (Friday the 13th).

LH: What director would you like to work with and why?

SL: Alejandro Jodorowsky. His work is phenomenal, surreal, and beautiful. If I could be lost forever in a Jodorowsky movie, it would be a lovely nightmare.

LH: In your opinion, what was Tim Burton’s last great film?

SL: I love all of Tim Burton’s work. Everything from “Edward Scissorhands” to “Alice.” In my perspective, he’s simply an artist who is learning and expressing himself through film. It’s been wonderful to see him grow and project himself through his characters.

LH: What is one B-movie or horror movie that was absolutely horrible to watch, but it had a great soundtrack?

SL: I’ve never seen a classic B-movie I didn’t like. However, the modern term for the “B” movie genre has seemed to create badly shot video, and has lost the glamor that the classic B-movies created. The worst modern B-movie I have ever seen was “The BTK Killer.” It was so bad I had to shut it off. I felt bad because I can hang with the worst, but the soundtrack was never going to save this film.

LH: Can you tell us more about the Viscera Film Festival that you created?

SL: Viscera is a Festival for women horror filmmakers. We screen, distribute, and promote short horror films made by women all over the world. Sponsors assist in the promotion process and critique the films, along with screening them in various geographical areas. The Festival is about getting exposure for the filmmakers, and assisting those filmmakers in growing in their craft. This year we had our first premiere in Los Angeles and showcased over 28 films with an award ceremony and special guests. Along with turning Viscera into a non profit organization, we are busy with launching our new submission phase, preparing a new website and the 2011 Festival.

LH: What is your favorite classic black and white horror or Sci-fi movie?

SL: I would have to say the Twilight Zone really does it for me. I grew up watching the show and would run and hide in the closet when the climax came.

LH: What are your thoughts about how both independent and major movie studios today are mainly using CGI to replace traditional, practical visual effects like latex and corn syrup with red food dye?

SL: If you’re talking FX, I’m a traditional kind of girl, sort of. When it’s used as an atmospheric setting and an entire world is being created from CGI (such as in “Pan’s Labyrinth”), I think it works great. But for horrific monsters and blood, practical FX should definitely be used. A huge budget is the only way CGI will look good, and using it will create a more fantasy-like experience, as opposed to a horrific one. Particularly in B-movies, I despise green screens/cgi unless it’s meant to look terrible and give a throwback to camp. Because it does.
However, the exception to the rule is “King Kong” by Peter Jackson. Kong looked wonderful in CGI, but he was supposed to be seen as a sweet ape, not a menacing or terrifying character. Also, they had a ridiculous amount of money to make him look good.

LH: You’ve been very successful as a writer, dancer, director, and actress, so what is the one thing you want to accomplish, but haven’t been able to do yet?

SL: I would like to direct and produce several feature films, with varying types of budgets.

LH: How was it seeing Adrienne King of “Friday the 13th, Part 2” fame back onscreen in the movie “Walking Distance”?

SL: It was exhilarating. Everyone on set could tell that she was very excited to be back in action. She is an absolutely wonderful person. It blows me away every time I think about it!

LH: Do you see yourself always being involved at some level in the horror genre?

SL: Most definitely. One of my personal heroes is Frances Bay, and she is in her 90’s and still working. That’s how I will be.

LH: Would you ever consider crossing over into mainstream movies, being that you are a huge supporter of the indie film scene?

SL: Yes, I would. But I definitely wouldn’t stay there and walk away from independents. It’s been a hard road for me because I do not do nudity, so working exclusively in independent horror has brought some challenges that I’ve had to overcome. Roles have been continuously out of my reach for many years because of not wanting to disrobe. I have nothing against actresses who do nudity, but there should be a choice. To me, movies are movies. A filmmaker doesn’t need 40 million dollars to make a good movie, or alot of characters, or even FX. It’s the acting and pacing that’s important. These are the movies I seek, high budget or not.

LH: A lot of production companies and websites out there don’t have names that really grab your attention, so how did you come up with the memorable name “The Chainsaw Mafia”?

SL: I was talking to a friend about starting up a website to help filmmakers and potential filmmakers in getting together and creating. I was a bit disappointed at the lack of community online for the horror genre at the time, so the name just made perfect sense. I launched TCM a year later, in 2004. Since then the site has definitely taken off and promoted a lot of artists, which has been unbelievable, and a lot of work. Recently, I passed the CEO position over to the editor, Jamie Jenkins, so I can focus on my acting and directing.

LH: If you could be in a horror movie from the 80’s, which one would it be?

Hellraiser. The atmosphere is very, very well done. OR The Shining: I could see me losing myself in that hotel. Everything about the music, the characters, and the pacing is wonderful.

LH: In your opinion, what is the one horror movie that perfectly blends its social message(s) with the story, characters, and visual elements?

SL: I would have to say “American Psycho,” which is a perfect representation of the striving aspect of American society that is ruthless, hallucinatory, obsessive, and needs therapeutic attention. However, on the outside, Bateman is cool, calm, and collected to all of his important colleagues. His behavior towards women and to men (who, in his mind, have more than him) shows a sick, internal struggle within our society: the strive for perfection can be a killer.

If you haven’t already, check out Shannon’s Highway Hotties page.


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Comebacks usually aren’t a good thing. Just ask boxer, Sugar Ray Leonard, who stepped into the boxing ring after being retired for several years and got knocked out by Hector Macho Camacho before the first round ended. Well, for “legendary” director Robert Hiltz (How’d he get that title, anyway?) his return to the camera after being away for nearly 20 years is just as disastrous. Now, I’m not saying that the first three “Sleepaway Camp” films will ever earn a spot on the AFI (American Film Institute) 100 Best Movies of All Time, but the earlier movies, unlike this latest installment, were at least filled with funny dialogue, dark humor, cool death scenes, and plenty of hot chicks who never had a problem showing their goods.

“Return to Sleepaway Camp” (RTSC) is a direct sequel to the first “Sleepaway Camp” that ignores the two “Sleepaway Camp” installments in between (“SC 2: Unhappy Campers” and “SC 3: Teenage Wasteland”) much the same way that “Jason Goes to Hell” pretended that “Jason Takes Manhattan” didn’t exist. You know it always pisses me off when writers, directors, and movie studios pull this kind of crap with movie franchises. Just keep the series somewhat consistent and make a sequel that picks up where the last one left off. But believe it or not, this is the least of the movie’s problems. Anyway, let me get back to my review. So the “plot” for RTSC involves a “mysterious killer” who is offing campers and counselors in a variety of boring and uninspiring ways at yet another summer camp. Hiltzik tries to keep anyone left watching the movie guessing by having Angela, I mean the “mysterious killer”, wear a ridiculous disguise and use a voice decoder that sounds like a Speak ‘n’ Spell with dying batteries to conceal their real identity. But trust me, this isn’t “Clue’ Goes to Sleepaway Camp.” Felissa Rose, who played Angela in the original “Sleepaway Camp”, stars in this installment, so anyone with the intelligence level of an amoeba (sorry if I offended any amoebas out there) should know who’s doing the killing this time around. And while I’m on the subject of killing, “Sleepaway” films usually have memorable kills, right? Well not in this sequel. Thanks to some very bad directing and editing, everybody takes so freakin’ long to die. Any kind of suspense or “wow” factor from a death scene is ruined because the camera cuts back and forth to whatever object is getting ready to kill its next victim several times before a death actually occurs. It’s as if Hiltzik wanted to make sure he didn’t loose the audience. Wishful thinking on his part because hopefully anyone who made the mistake of renting this cinematic turd either turned it off before they wasted too much time, or got hammered after the film’s first death scene and passed out.

A few of the original cast members who survived the first “Sleepaway Camp” return for this sequel, but even they can’t salvage this horrible movie because it’s twenty years later, and they still can’t act. Felissa Rose, Jonathan Tiersten, and Paul DeAngelo really should have taken at least a couple of warm-up acting gigs like commercials before signing on to do this movie. Their performances are so bad it makes the acting in “Troll 2” seem Shakespearean in comparison. If any of them want to show up for the next sequel they should avoid further embarrassment and just make cameos as newspaper clippings or framed photographs, like Sean Connery did in “Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls.” The movie still had one last chance to redeem itself with a cool finale, but unfortunately what we get is a predictably lame “reveal” ending that is another huge disappointment in a movie full of disappointments, especially when compared to the gender-bender-ender of the original “Sleepaway Camp.”

For a film that was delayed more times than a Britney Spears comeback, this film sure did feel rushed and thrown-together. I read a whole laundry list of “reasons” why the film’s release date kept getting pushed back. First it was Hiltzik wanted to get the effects just right. Then re-shoots were needed. Next it was that there were problems with the CGI again, etc. Well I’ve seen the movie, and the visual effects really don’t look that bad. Movies of the Week shown on the Sy-Fy Channel have worst CGI in them. After watching the movie for about 2 mins. I found out the real reason for all of the delays, and it’s that the movie sucks, plain and simple. There’s just no other way to put it. Instead of worrying about the quality of the visual effects and whatever else, Hiltzik’s priority should’ve been to make a movie that was actually watchable.

I was really hoping that poor DVD sales for RTSC would close this camp for good. But I’ve recently read that Hiltzik unfortunately has another 3-D “Sleepaway” sequel in production, which is a real shame because it probably means that Michael Simpson who did “SC: 2” and “SC: 3” won’t get the opportunity to do his supernatural sequel called “Sleepaway Camp: Berserk” any time soon, or possibly ever. His idea sounds like it would be a fun movie to me. Click here for the movie’s brief plot synopsis.

If you want to visit a camp this summer, don’t return to Sleepaway Camp and go to Crystal Lake instead.

roadside attractions

  • Gratuitous use of the line “Your a$$ stinks.”
  • Fart-lighting 101
  • Killer wears a ridiculous disguise in between murders
  • Death by bed of nails
  • Wooden stake to the eye
  • Issac Hayes as Charlie The Chef
  • 1 Human Roman Candle
  • 1 Super-lame ending



About a gallon of the red stuff



A gender-confused killer and a bully.



None but there were plenty of nicely wrapped melons


Check out the trailer for “Return to Sleepaway Camp”



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A very big thank you to Brooke Lewis who took time out of her insanely busy schedule to do an interview with us. Also, we’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Brooke for being awarded Best Scream Queen of 2009 by the B-movie Golden Cob 2010 Awards. Hope you enjoy her interview below.

LH: What is your best horror movie experience/memory?

BL: Creating MS. VAMPY and VAMP IT OUT from deep within my heart and soul; Working opposite “CANDYMAN” (Tony Todd) in iMURDERS and last, but not least, winning the B MOVIE GOLDEN COB AWARDS 2010 for BEST SCREAM of 2009 for SLIME CITY MASSACRE!!!

LH: How do you feel about the “horror” remakes that are being made today?

BL: I am soooo over it! 9 times out of 10, the remake can’t touch the original! But, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t act in one…ya hear that, Rob Zombie??? 😉

LH: In your opinion, what elements make for a great horror film?

BL: A smart script; a story that sends chills down your spine; strong roles for women!

LH: Have your friends/family been supportive of your career as an actress and model?

BL: Beyond belief…I don’t know how they put up with me! My family and friends have supported me through all the “ups and downs” in this crazy business and I am forever grateful!

LH: When you’re not producing movies, acting or doing photo shoots, what hobbies do you like to do in your spare time?

BL: I’m sorry…spare time? What the hell is that??? 🙂 I’m not even kidding, but on that rare occasion when I take a break, I watch horror films; TWILIGHT; TRUE BLOOD; AMERICAN IDOL; Do charity work; Listen to 80s music; Wine tasting; Astrology; Anything romantic; I love kissing…

LH: What is your favorite movie soundtrack?


LH: In a blind taste test, could you tell the difference between a Geno’s and a Pat’s Philly cheese steak?

BL: Absofreakinlutely! When you grow up in Philly or Jersey, it becomes a skill. After going to clubs or parties, we always ended up at Geno’s or Pat’s Steaks after hours…that’s how I got my big booty 😉

LH: As an actress/artist which medium do you prefer: theatre, TV, or movies?

BL: I’ve done it all and I prefer TV…we shoot, it airs a month later and the paycheck and residuals are sweeeet! 🙂

LH: What does the future hold for Philly Chick Pictures?

BL: Philly Chick Pictures has a bloody bright future! I am proud to announce that we are in the development stage of creating a feature film for Ms. Vampy. I am blessed to have a co-production deal with Illusion Industries, in which I will star and produce, Todd Tucker will direct, Jim Pacitti will star and produce and Tamar Halpern, Todd, Jim and I have written based on my original story. The feature is a Halloween Family Comedy titled VAMP IT OUT and will be in the vain of THE NANNY meets ELVIRA meets HOUSE BUNNY. I am following my heart and soul with this piece and my goal is to inspire teenage girls and women to embrace their inner beauty, follow their dreams and when faced with fear, dig deep inside, find their inner vamp and VAMP IT OUT!!!

LH: Do you have any desire to return to the stage/theatre?

BL: Not at this time. I started in theatre and toured and did Off-Broadway shows for years in New York and after performing in TONY N’ TINA’S WEDDING Off-Broadway for almost 3 years, 7 shows a week, I burned out a bit. I choose projects that feel right to my soul and, at this time, it doesn’t feel right. When it does again, one day, and my soul is screaming for the stage, I will be there with a big smile!

LH: How did you become involved with the sequel to “Slime City”, “Slime City Massacre?”

BL: SLIME CITY MASSACRE is a gem of a lil indie horror/scifi/action flick! Greg Lamberson, the writer/director/producer, put his life into this project! He contacted me directly, after Wil Keiper recommended me, as both an actress and producer. Everyone pulled together to create something wonderful and artistic with a very low budget. For all the original SLIME CITY fans, Greg really stepped it up with the sequel! I play Nicole, a prostitute in the 1959 flashback scenes. I really enjoyed preparing for this character and I hope horror fans enjoy my work in this one. This was a project I chose solely based on the script, my role and Greg’s passion to make the film and it turned out to be quite a gift. I am forever grateful to Greg and the cast and crew of SLIME CITY MASSACRE, as I won the B MOVIE GOLDEN COB AWARD!

LH: Tell us one thing that your fans don’t know about you.

BL: I am rarely alone, but I am often lonely…

LH: What do you think was the best B-movie/horror film from 2009?

Released in 2009: iMURDERS; Filmed in 2009: SLIME CITY MASSACRE…DUH! 🙂

Thank you to LOST HIGHWAY and your readers…here’s to a horrific year! Love & Horror, XO Brooke Lewis

If you haven’t already, check out Brooke’s Highway Hotties page.


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There’re two certainties in life..death and taxes. And unless there’s itemizing going on in Hell, I suspect death is a bit less time-consuming. Yes, it’s tax season once again so that means it’s time to gather those crumpled receipts from the shoe boxes and try to remember how little money you had before you didn’t have any money. It’s kinda like you’re being forced to give a loan to that crazy uncle that says he needs the cash for groceries, but you know he’s just going to blow it at the race track, always betting on the horse with emphysema. Still you hope you might find a loophole somewhere and get some money back: “Could I actually write-off dog grooming?” “Is beer deductible?” “If I get my wife pregnant, can I claim the kid this year?” These are just some of the questions you might ask, but you can take comfort in knowing your cash will go to good use in the community. It will be invested in deserving projects such as the secret underground testing labs where they train monkeys how to open pickle jars. Large portions will go into technology investments like $12,000 coffee makers for Area 51, or eco-food preservation. Maybe they can finally fill in that big pothole they call the Grand Canyon with some of the money that’s left over. I’m counting my receipts and checking them twice because if the IRS Fairy ever does ever visit me at night, I want her to leave me a nice little tax return, and not pimp slap me and steal my wallet again.

lifeforceSpeaking of life-sucking vampires: Mathilda May may have induced many boys into puberty in the mid 80’s when she gallivanted around as a naked space vampire vixen in “Lifeforce.” A giant evil-looking space thistle is discovered in the tail of Haley’s Comet, and instead of just nuking it and asking questions later, a group of curious, dim-witted astronauts decide to go check it out. While inside they find a bunch of giant dead space bats floating around, and 3 naked people frozen in display cases. Is anyone in the crew mildly concerned for their safety yet? Nope. So they decide it’s an even better idea to haul the aliens back to Earth in their cargo hold.

Months later a rescue shuttle from Great Britain’s bustling space program is sent up to intercept the now adrift shuttle. Much to their horror they discover most of the crew burned beyond extra crispy. An apparent fondue party gone horribly wrong. Fortunately, the space nudists are still well preserved in their see-through tanning booths, and they swiftly get hauled down to London to be studied at a minimum security community college. Suffice to say alien shenanigans occur, as the formerly freeze-dried alien girl wakes up and starts making out with strangers, sucking out their lifeforce like soda through a straw. She then goes streaking through the hallways, distracting everyone with her space melons, only being confronted briefly by a security guard with the lure of a potato chip. No one can resist the fever for the flavor of a Pringles. Once free she goes on a London whirlwind hitchhikers tour of soul suck-i-tude, with her consciousness jumping around between bodies in an attempt to recharge her lifeforce batteries.

Meanwhile back in the lab, her first victim, now shrunk up like a used Capri Sun bag, gets up from the autopsy table and starts attacking the doctors to absorb their soul juice. Tom Carlsen (Steve Railsback), the only survivor of the doomed space crew, suddenly shows up back on Earth in a mercury escape capsule (he must have been stuck in traffic), and he’s debriefed by a NASA British agent, who learned that he has a psychic connection to the female alien. They decide to hypnotize him to learn of her whereabouts, because that’s what NASA does best. His unique powers give Tom a Google Earth street view of license plate #’s, and he soon learns she’s traveling with a poor sheep herder in a Volvo. It’s as if the DMV suddenly became omnipresent.


Along with a Special Air Service operative and a wormy little doctor named Professor Fallada, they track down the partially possessed people, using them as a sort of compass to her main squeeze, a balding British doctor played by Patrick Stewart. They decide to pimp slap around Captain Picard for a while, and then pump him full of more narcotics than are in Mark Maguire’s butt cheeks, thus trapping the alien’s consciousness in his body. On a flight back to London, the space chick escapes via some nasty nasal discharge, materializing in front of them, and then crop dusting the whole of downtown London with her space vampire electric mojo. Warning: Side effects of vampire mojo may include dizziness, vomiting, and turning into an undead zombie who sucks out human souls.

Your typical zombie plague occurs, putting London in a quarantined war zone, while Caine and Carlsen race to destroy the source, and try to stop the vampire ship that’s attracting souls like flies to a bug zapper. It all leads up to a big showdown in a citadel with naked vampire chick, a Conan sword, and a whole lotta cheap special effects.

Tobe Hooper, after his little stint with “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, decided to make this sci-fi/horror movie, and it never quite decides if it’s an alien film or zombie film. Maybe it’s just an excuse to have a lady walk around naked for a half hour. Either way it’s a win-win. Retroman Steve says check it out and remember, only store your vampires in official Gladware containers. They help avoid freezer burn and lock in freshness.

roadside attractions

    • Giant space thistles
    • Soul powered light beacons
    • Explodo vampire-zombies
    • Freeze dried space bats
    • Patrick Stewart pimp slappin’
    • Extreme sinus drainage
    • Multiple face suckings
    • Multiple impalements
    • Capri Sun soul bags
    • Death by flare pistol



blood fountains through nostrils



plenty of zombies and space vampires



half the movie is a naked vampire chick


Lost Highway is proud to partner with in providing you the ability to watch “Lifeforce” online for Free! Check out the link to launch the website and video.

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