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Best Cult Blog

If there’s one thing we at Lost Highway strive for is figuring out new ways to fill up mantel space. I blame that show “Trading Spaces.” I’ve found that I’ve really learned to “explored my space” with a mantel full of shruken heads I bought on Ebay and wind chimes made of old beer cans but now I can add something new. Yes, a Total Film Movie Blog Award for Best Cult Blog. Our plans for world domination through snarky reviews are slowly coming together…one blog award at a time. We’d like to thank Total Film Magazine for this honor and a big thanks to all our fans who voted for us. Well all except for you Wade. We never really liked you.


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We have just been nominated by Total Film (a top-rated film magazine from the UK) for Best Cult Blog. This is a HUGE honor for everyone here at Lost Highway. Please show your support by clicking here and voting for Lost Highway in the Best Cult Blog category. You have until Sunday, January 25th to cast your vote. And to anyone out there who is on the fence about voting, rest assured your vote really will count this time. Thank you for your continued support.


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I’ve always had a fascination with the drive-in culture and mythos. Those times of watching a great b-movie out under the stars and making that long walk to the snack shop for that buttery snack are some of my best  teenage memories. I’ve gathered quite a few books about their history so a few years back when I ran across a novel with the “Drive-in” in it’s title, I had to give it read. It’s described as a living B-movie where the patrons of a drive-in become characters in a b-movie and are being directed by some malevolent alien forces. That sounded like fun campy storytelling to me and even it’s book cover suggested a sort of “Hitchhiker’s Guide” silliness. Don’t be fooled. This book is dark, twisted and bleak. Blood cults, cannibalism and the worse of humanity take root as societal norms break down and the horrifying popcorn king begins it’s reign of terror. Lansdale’s descriptive storytelling and compelling characters made it’s somber outlook on society all that more visceral to me. I found myself more trying to endure it’s twisted story than be entertained by it. I even had to take a break and watch a sitcom just to have a warm fuzzy feeling again. Retroman Steve says check it out but you’ll likely never look at drive-in popcorn the same way again.


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The League of Tana Tea DrinkersDid you ever hear the conspiracy theory that a small elite group of people are actually running all the world’s governments? A secret society dictating world trade and policy decisions from the confines of a undisclosed location deep inside a underground bunker? Well it’s obviously true because I read it on the Internet.

Consider the League of Tana Tea Drinkers the equivalent to this in the horror blogsphere. A secret society whose powerful members have no finger prints, greet each other with elaborate hand shakes and can speak in an ancient dialect. They are a small select group of the horror blogging elite, the crème de la crème, and by gosh they just went and picked a b-movie watchin’ redneck to join their club. Yes the rumors are true, Lost Highway has officially been invited into the fold and we’re happier than a tornado in a trailer park to be here. It’s a huge honor to be a part of this talented group of passionate writers who exemplify excellence in the genre and we look forward to contributing our own brand of creative commentary. Now if you excuse me I need to check the mailbox to see if my members only secret decoder ring has come in yet.

“Be sure to drink your Tana Tea”


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Are you bummed because you are too old to go “trick-or-treating”? Or are you getting stressed out because you still don’t know who you are dressing up as for that Halloween party? Well, fear not folks, a little ghost just told me about a truly awesome promotion from Fright-Rags that should get you in the Halloween spirit and also solve your costume dilemma. Ben from Fright-Rags and his team are celebrating Halloween in a HUGE way! During the month of October customers who place an order will receive some truly “screamtastic” goodies like movies, action figures, and gift certificates just to name a few. So head on over to for more info about prizes and this great giveaway!

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